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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best Magic Systems

A large portion of these descriptions are from the books respective wiki sites.

1.Allomancy (Mistborn)
Allomancy is one of the three magic systems in the Mistborn fantasy novel trilogy, and is the most prominent. People capable of Allomancy are known as Allomancers. Allomancers have the ability to "burn" (or use) metals, in order to fuel a variety of physical and mental enhancements and abilities. For an additional burst of power, they may flare, or burn their metal especially quickly, consuming it at an accelerated rate, but gaining greater benefits in return

2.The Fae (Coldfire Trilogy)
a vast energy field that comes from within and around Erna to envelop its surface. Some individuals are possessed of the ability to manipulate, or Work it, to perform spectacular feats of magical ability. The Fae can be used to track or obscure someone and can endow weapons.

3.BioChromatic Breath (Warbreaker)
The book uses a system of magic, "BioChromatic Breath", which allows mages to bring life to objects as well as provide benefits directly to the mages, such as perfect pitch, perfect color recognition, perfect life recognition, and agelessness Use of BioChromancy drains the colors from surrounding objects and the less colorful an object is, the more difficult it is to apply BioChromancy to it.

4.Symphathy (The Name of the Wind)
Symphathy is a form of magic which allows the user to link two objects together and cause changes in the bound object by manipulating the other. Symphathy is a interesting magic system because it has quite a bit of science involved in it and the user is not all powerful.

5.Skill/Wit (Farseer trilogy)
The Skill is an almost force like system in which the user can manipulate objects and the minds of others. The Wit is a magic system that bonds a human and a animal's mind together.


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