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Friday, July 29, 2011

Went to the Bookstore (July 29,2011)

   Like most avid book readers, I get more books than expected when I go to the bookstore. Here are the books I bought today from the wonderful Half Price Books Store.

1.The Dragon Reborn (Robert Jordan)
I actually have the first two books of the Wheel of Time series. I bought the third to try to compel me to read the series ha

2.Knight Errant (John Jackson Miller)
I have heard this is suppose to be one of the better Star Wars novels so as a Star Wars nerd, I am excited

3.Cavern of Black Ice (J.V Jones)
I have heard good things about this novel so I am quite excited.

4.A Hero Born (Michael A. Stackpole)
I am huge fan of Stackpole because of his X Wing series and his stand alone novel, Talion Revenant.

5.Elven Star (Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman)
The first book in the Deathgate cycle was amazing so I hope Elven Star is too.

6.Fire Sea (Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman)
This is the third book in the Death Gate cycle, I hope it is good

7.The Jedi Academy Trilogy (Kevin J. Anderson)

I am not look forward to reading this trilogy, but sadly I must because they contain a lot of information for future novels.

8.Magican:Master (Raymond E.Feist)
Sequel to Magican:Apprentice. I need to read this because it is a classic.


CameronHarris1 said...

Has anybody read any of these books? I am most excited to read Once a Hero and Knight Errant

kimyunalesca said...

Congrats! great hunt lol I haven't read any of those..my closest and only exposure to star wars are their movies,random convos with friends and families anyway happy reading ^_^

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