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Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

"Do you just want to get by? Or do you want to make me proud?" 

Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Paperback: 672 pages
Publisher:DAW Trade; Reprint edition (April 7, 2009)
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook

      It was only by a stroke of luck that I read the Name of the Wind. I had ventured to the library to try to find a different book, and it was not there. While I was slowly making my way to the exit, I saw the Name of the Wind sitting on a library shelf and I had heard good things about it. I ended up staying up to the wee hours of the night being immersed in Rothfuss’ world. This review comes shortly after my eighth reread of the Name of the Wind. Rothfuss has created a masterpiece, filled with a great lead character, superb writing, and a interesting magic system.

         The Name of the Wind begins with a innkeeper named Kvothe (pronounced “quothe”) and him relaying his life story to a record keeper known as the Chronicler.Kvothe’s tale goes from his time with his family up to his time at a school known as the University(imagine Hogwarts). Kvothe’s tale, at first glance, seems to be standard fare, but it is never boring due to Rothfuss’ superb and witty writing. The only issue that I had with the story is that it takes fifty or so pages to actually get into the actual story.

        Throughout the years of his life, Kvothe has been called the Bloodless,the Kingkiller, and the Arcane. It is quite interesting how when you read the actual story that Kvothe tales that he is not as frightening as you would think. Yes Kvothe is arrogant and foolish at times, but he is also clever and is an overall good person. I think Rothfuss made Kvothe such a flawed character to show that rumors and tales about a person are not entirely true.

        It should be noted that Rothfuss has created an interesting magic system known as sympathy. Sympathy is interesting because it is more science than magic. and follows all of the rules of science. A good example of sympathy is toward the beginning of the novel in which Kvothe takes the air from his own lungs as a conduit to control the wind. 

         I could write forever about the Name of the Wind, but I do not want to keep you from reading this masterpiece. Pardon me my fellow readers, I am about to start my ninth reread. 

The Name of the Wind review score: 46/50

World Building- 8/10
Writing- 10/10


CameronHarris1 said...

If you have any questions about the Name of the Wind I will gladly answer them. I personally could go on and on about the novel and did not want to bog the review down with unnecessary praise.

TylerHughes said...

Cool i'll definitely pick this book up. But you've seriously read this book 8 times? My only question is do you know why the magic is called "sympathy"? You don't need to explain if it gives away the plot.

CameronHarris1 said...

I have read it 8 times and I cant give away why its called sympathy.

mikepro said...

I'm pretty sure that the name sympathy has something to do with the mechanics of the magic.

CameronHarris1 said...

I know it does but if you give away the mechanics, it takes away the joy of reading about it the first time.

CameronHarris1 said...

And thank you for viewing and commenting on my blog :). Have you read my Talion review?

Anonymous said...

Well it's going to be a long summer for me over here, and I've decided to pick up on some reading, would you suggest this book to a novice fantasy reader, (only fantasy books i ever read were harry potter and the eragon series xD)

ps. what other fantasy books would you recomend?

CameronHarris1 said...

Of course I can. I am quite glad you are interested in the fantasy genre. Have you seen my Fantasy Books for Beginners post? If you need more suggestions than the ones listed, I will gladly give more suggestions.


Anonymous said...

i do appreciate the suggestions on the link and I do admit the pendragon series were amazing (sadly i have yet to have the opportunity to read the last book) i think i'll give elantris a try. i am interested in all of your suggestions, and thank you for your help

CameronHarris1 said...

It was not a problem. If you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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