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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: The Weight of Blood by David Dalglish

"Would you accompany me into madness"

Author:David Dalglish
Paperback: 226 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (February,2010)
Format: Paperback and Ebook

        I came into The Weight of Blood not expecting much because of its low page count and free price. This dark fantasy has taught me to not judge a book by its cover because overall it was quite enjoyable.

       The story of The Weight of Blood begins with the half-orc brother’s, Qurrah and Harruq, quest to find a purpose in their lives. While on their quest, they come into contact with the necromancer, Velixar, who promises them power and control. This alliance with Velixar leads the brothers into bloody skirmishes in an attempt to bring war to the world.

       The story of The Weight of Blood is an interesting one. The only issue I had with the story is the magic system.  The magic system appears to not really have any balancing or explanation. Qurrah and Harraq never seem to run out of magic and when they do, it is never explained how or why. In all honestly, it is a small gripe because I understand that David Dalglish was working with a low page count.

     Like most dark fantasy, The Weight of Blood has strong focus on characters. The back and forth between the brothers is interesting. While Quarrah is a cold, and merciless, necromancer, Harruq is a muscular being who sometimes can show compassion (imagine Lennie from of Mice and Men). If you like the image of the good hero with shinning armor, run away from this book. Harruq and Quarrah are cold-blooded murderers who revel and enjoy murdering citizens.

            This novel is full of extremely gory, but well written, battle scenes. The brothers butcher, maim, slaughter, and kill civilians, this includes children. If you are even slightly shaken by gore, I suggest you don’t read this because there are scenes with intestines being sliced out and heads being decapitated.

            There is not much else I can say about The Weight of Blood. If you like dark fantasy and want a quick read I would suggest you pick up this book.

The Weight Of Blood review score:  33/50

Characterization- 7/10
World Building-5/10

*If you have a Kindle or Nook, this book is available for free on the Kindle and Barnes and Nobles store. 


Anonymous said...

Do you think that since you had low expectations for this book you may have gave it a higher rating than perhaps it deserved?

CameronHarris1 said...

This is possible, but I do think I judged it fairly. I can understand if someone gave it a lower rating, but I think it was a fairly good book.

I thank you for commenting :)

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